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6 reasons why Alpacas are good for our planet

🦙 Alpacas tread lightly on this earth.  They have dainty soft padded two toe feet unlike other grazing herds.  This helps prevent them from trampling plants and eroding fragile hillside.

🦙 Alpacas eat very gently.  While many grazing animals pull the grass up by the roots with their teeth, alpaca just nibble the tips, carefully leaving the roots intact so plants can regrow.

🦙 Alpacas are abstemious and only eat what they need.  They consume less than half the amount per day that sheep do and like other camels, they don't need to drink much either!  

🦙 Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin and therefore needs much less processing than sheep’s wool.  No harsh chemicals and very little water needed.

🦙 Alpaca poop is very rich in nitrogen and potassium compared to other herds, making it an ideal fertiliser! It's also easy to pick up as alpaca like to poop in one place! 

🦙 Alpaca wool is 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable.  You could compost one of our cardigans - although we'd prefer you to wear it for as long as possible first.

Read our Alpaca Blog
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Sustainable Knitwear

Discover Alpaca

Just imagine, a clothing fibre which is hypoallergenic,  weightlessly warm, uniquely soft, biodegrable, recycable and extremely hardwearing (ie it doesn't pill and bobble) ....

Discover ALPACA.  Combine the above with our simple, timeless design and Eureka!  Here at Samantha Holmes, we like to create sustainable alpaca clothing and accessories which will last you for years.  Forget recycled polyester, give your cashmere a break and try our alpaca knitwear instead.

Since 2003, Samantha Holmes has been clothing happy customers around the world in butter soft alpaca scarves and shawls, sweaters and cardigans, cosy knitted hats and gloves.  Newborn babies have grown up treasuring their alpaca comfort blanket and mothers have saved our alpaca fur booties and baby bonnets as heirlooms for future generations.  Each piece is individually handcrafted by our skilled artisans in Peru. 

We also provide a bespoke alpaca fur throw and rug service.  Our fur rugs have travelled as far as Baku in Azerbaijan and the Blue Mountains in Australia.

Our collections are sold by independent boutiques throughout the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.  Visit the stockists link below for further details.

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What people are saying


12 Sep 2023

I just love this poncho, so much so that I now have 2, in different colours. Can be worn casually with jeans or fancy with a nice dress. So cosy and soft 🥰

Margaret Mackay

01 Dec 2022

QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY You can't beat the quality of these products. Fast communication, fast shipping, packaged with care and the products are amazing.


Ashley Irene Boutique, Massachusetts

03 Aug 2022

Products are really well made and beautifully designed. The photography is accurate and brand ethos well communicated.

Bob Munro

The Sock Company

03 Aug 2022

This is our second order and we have had some good feedback on the socks and goods we have stocked. Will be ordering again.


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