About Us

“Samantha Holmes founded her design label in Scotland in 2003 as a niche lifestyle brand, specialising in natural, handcrafted clothing, gifts and home textiles ethically made by our artisan studios in Peru using softest alpaca.    Our ranges are stocked by independent boutiques all over the world.”





The 5 USPs of Wearing Alpaca

  • Buttery softness – alpaca fibre has a long flat staple
  • Hard-wearing and doesn’t pill or bobble
  • Exceptionally insulating hollow fibre 3 times warmer than ordinary wool
  • Natural and Hypoallergenic – little prickle factor and no lanolin
  • Squashes to nothing and bounces back uncreased

#Ethically Sourced

Our alpaca yarn is made in Peru by Inca Tops, a long established company, who source their alpaca fibre ethically and have active social responsibility programmes, investing proceeds back into poorer Peruvian communities.  Our Alpaca fur is sourced from herd wastage resulting from harsh Peruvian winters.  No alpaca is slaughtered for its skin.   It is not financially viable for farmers to do so - the skins are tiny and worth little compared with fleeces which can be shorn during a whole lifetime and spun into yarn.   Alpacas can live over 15 years promising shearing potential of far greater value than a single pelt.


#Traditional Craftsmanship

Each of our alpaca products is finished by hand in our artisan studios in Peru, following a tradition which goes back centuries.  Alpaca was once prized by the Inca nobility for its unique silky softness, durability and insulating properties.  Our artisans are self-employed home workers and small family businesses.  Our small batch production ensures minimal wastage, attention to detail and consistent quality. 



Our designs transcend seasonal trends.  We are a ‘slow fashion’ brand focusing on product longevity and sustainable practices.  Nearly everything we produce is 100% natural.  Alpacas come in 22 recognised shades, ranging from black, grey, brown to cream and white which avoids the need for dyes, and the dyes we do use are Azo free.  Alpacas themselves are well known for their minimal impact on the environment.  They tread lightly with their soft padded feet, produce more fleece than sheep and have efficient grazing habits. Alpaca farming also requires no harsh chemicals.   


#Trusted, Well Established Scottish Brand

Loyal to alpaca and the artisans we work with since 2003, we have repeat customers all over the world.  We remain true to our original values and are still a small business run from home on the west coast of Scotland.  To follow our story more closely, head over to @samanthaholmes.alpaca on Instagram.

And, we do not sell on Amazon.     


#Independent, Women Owned and Run

Girl Power ….  Founded by Samantha, the business is almost entirely run by women.  Our knitting operation in Peru is run by Paola in Lima, who also employs a core team of women who assist her with finishing and quality control.   Our pack and dispatch operation is an independent business in Glasgow run by Maureen and Sue. 


#Personal Customer Service

We are a small, privately run business and customers are our lifeblood.  As we continue to grow, going the extra mile to please our customers will remain at the heart of what we do.

The company is still owned and run by Samantha Holmes from her home on the west coast of Scotland. Originally an Art and Languages graduate from Edinburgh University, Samantha found her first inspiration for luxury fabrics and traditional craftsmanship in Nepal from where she imported cashmere from a small hand weaving cooperative. But it was on discovering alpaca, that she found her niche. Samantha travelled to Peru to make contact with small producer groups, most of whom she still works with now and together they continue to produce exclusive collections of handcrafted luxury gifts, fashion accessories, Alpaca babywear, Alpaca clothing and Alpaca home ware, using only the finest micron baby alpaca wool.


Fair Trade

Samantha works closely with various small independent producer groups in poor communities. The groups are principally family businesses and individual home workers who, prior to working for Samantha, despite the fine quality of their workmanship, had never made Alpaca clothing products for the British and European markets.

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