Alpaca Baby Blankets

23rd March 2010

Baby Blankets are one of the most popular gifts to receive for the birth of your child. I have been producing my alpaca baby blankets now for over 7 years and am delighted to see customers returning time after time to buy more. Incidentally, this is not because their alpaca baby blanket has worn out and needs to be replaced. No, it’s because siblings no. 2 and 3 need one as well. I have been glad to learn that they are not just baby blankets, but also toddler blankets and comforters which continue to be treasured long after their first birthdays. In fact my first customer is now 9 years old and still carries her alpaca baby blanket with her on sleep overs, holidays, school trips etc. I sincerely hope it doesn’t become a problem for her in later life! I am relieved to say that the it is still in excellent condition having been sucked, vomited on, you name it and has still retained its shape. A good thing to note is that it is actually softer than ever and this confirms that alpaca baby blankets get softer with age.

I now sell an increasingly wide range of alpaca baby blankets, ranging from my signature chunky knit baby blanket (or shawl as we can also legitimately call it to get round the VAT problem) to my superlight Crochet edge baby blanket which is perfect for babies born in the Summer. As well as newborn baby gifts, they make fabulous Christening presents. I have found that pink and blue trim blankets are the best sellers, but my ivory and biscuit coloured blankets are still popular where people are buying before a baby has been born and don’t know the sex.

All my alpaca baby blankets continue to be handmade in Peru by wonderful ladies in the south near Lake Titicaca who are some of the fastest knitters I have ever seen. Having had two babies myself, I can confidently claim that 100% Baby Alpaca is one of the best fibres you can ever put on your new baby’s skin. It contains no lanolin which is a well known allergen, has an incredibly long staple (you’d see this if you examined alpaca fibre under a microscope) which gives alpaca its uniquely slippery, almost “buttery” feel. Like cashmere, it has a hollow fibre which means that it has a high warmth to weight ratio making it ideal where you want plenty of insulation without too much bulk and weight. Last but not least, the fibre lasts and lasts. I have only been producing my alpaca baby blankets for 7 years, but I am sure many will outlive me! ..