Alpaca Clothing Makes You Look Fabulous!

3rd December 2009

Many people consider the Winter months an ideal time to have a really good clean out of their outgrown or discarded clothing. With bulky sweaters and cardigans needing more room in drawers and wardrobes now that the cold months have arrived, Summer clothing has to either be stored away for another few months, or, if not wanted anymore, a decision has to be made as to where it will go. Nobody likes having to do this, but it does give us a chance to assess the clothing we've got for the Winter, and a perfect excuse to buy more if needed.

Winter clothing isn't necessarily all about drab colours and bulky items – there are some great items you can buy that will keep you warm as well as making you look fabulous, whatever the occasion. Knitwear is especially popular, as it very cosy to wear and looks smart. There are many knitted items to choose from if this is your kind of style; scarves, sweaters and cardigans are all very fashionable. Some people, however, cannot wear woollen clothing as it irritates their skin – this is a problem, however, there is a solution. Alpaca wool clothing is hypoallergenic, so much so that even babies can wear alpaca clothing with little risk of their skin becoming itchy. This is because it contains no lanolin which a lot of other wools do.

If you suffer from delicate skin and want to wear knitwear, then alpaca clothing really is a good choice. Like woolly garments, there is a wide range to choose from of both day and evening wear, and most of the items come in a variety of bright colours to keep you cheerful during the dull Winter days. There are the traditional items such as cardigans and jumpers, and more fancy clothing like ankle warmers and fingerless gloves. For fancy occasions, products such as the alpaca shawl may be a good idea, which are also available in a wide range of colours and styles. The added bonus of buying an item like an alpaca shawl is that it doesn't only have to be worn during the Winter; unlike many seasonal items it can be worn year round as it scrunches down to perfect handbag size if not required. This is perfect if worn out to a party or special occasion, but is not wanted once inside the venue.

Alpaca shawls and other alpaca clothing items don’t only make great presents for you; they are good gifts to give to other people, too. A lot of online retailers offer gift wrapping options if this is the case, and with Christmas coming up, why not take advantage of the offer! If you think an alpaca shawl isn't quite right as a present, why not consider a hat or a scarf instead? For babies, there are options of bootees, hats and mittens, and for a set of new parents, an alpaca shawl may be perfect to wrap the baby in to help keep them warm. A lot of people use woollen shawls as added warmth for their baby, so with alpaca being hypoallergenic, this is a great gift idea!