Beautiful Baby shawls For Special Little Ones

9th August 2010

Baby shawls make a fantastic gift for new babies and mothers, and if you choose a good quality material and design it will last well and can be their comforter for many years to come. Alpaca wool is a particularly luxurious material to look for when choosing baby shawls , as it has many diverse properties which make it suitable for use throughout the year. Alpaca wool is very lightweight, so alpaca clothing, scarves and baby shawls are all light to wear and carry; perfect for slipping into mum’s baby bag or for swaddling young ones, particularly when out and about. Alpaca wool is also very soft and silky to the touch, so babies will feel comfortable and cosy with an alpaca shawl tucked around them.

Alpaca wool is very good for babies and those with sensitive skin, as it does not have the itchiness which is so common in most wool. It does not contain lanolin, which many people and young children can be allergic to, to is a great hypoallergenic option, even for newborns. Alpaca fibres are also naturally water repellent, making them the perfect material for weaving baby shawls !

Baby shawls need to be able to withstand a good deal of use as they will be grabbed, pulled, stretched and often washed daily. Due to the natural structure of alpaca fibres, garments made from alpaca wool are very strong and do not tend to snag, pull or develop holes easily. This makes an alpaca baby shawl a great investment for mother and baby, as it will last well through many stages of childhood.

Alpaca fleece and the fibres that construct it are very fine and lightweight, they do not retain water and are thermal even when wet. This means that any goods constructed from alpaca wool are extremely warm during the colder months and lightweight for use during the summer months. Finding a light blanket or shawl which will also keep babies warm and cosy is a rare find, however it is easily achieved with alpaca baby shawls .

Alpaca baby shawls should be available in a wide range of colours to suit any mother and baby, however for those who would prefer a natural product which does not use dyes there is also a very wide range of natural wool colours available. Alpaca wool comes in many different natural shades, from black and white to varying browns and creams. This is the perfect option for newborn babies with sensitive skin, and is also a great gift for mum too. If you buy a large shawl she will be able to use it too, and a good quality shawl is excellent for creating privacy when breastfeeding in public. Choosing a high quality shawl is a great gift for new mums and their babies, and a large shawl can be very versatile. Alpaca wool is particularly soft and is perfect for tucking around the baby when it is sleeping or being carried, and a soft shawl will also be comforting for new mums to use as they arrive home with their little one!