Big delivery from Peru

12th August 2013

It's always exciting when we get a big delivery from Peru - lots of new, shiny products. One of the lovely things about our collections is that no two handmade items are exactly the same, especially the furry products, so opening those boxes is always fun to do. Over 10 years in this business and it's still a little bit like Christmas!

So that's the first of our Peru stock deliveries to fulfil our Autumn/Winter Trade orders, plenty more things still to come but it's always exciting when the hype begins in July/August. All new products for this Autumn/Winter will be available to purchase from our website ( shortly but in the mean time please make plenty of 'Ooooooo's' and 'Ahhhhhhh's' at our beautiful 'Fur Hot Water Bottle Cover' that we had exclusively made in Taupe for our Swedish distributer,'s so gorgeous that we might just have to get some more in - I'm in love!