Hats, scarves, dresses, blankets, pillows...

2nd April 2012

To give you a feel for what we do, here is a small selection of some of the lovely things that we sell. Samantha designs all of the products herself and then they are handmade in Peru to her exact specifications. The colour, texture, material, size, everything is carefully designed by Samantha to be comfortable yet elegant.

This is our cobweb knit wrap which is currently on sale!

Handknit french collar cardigan, 100% Baby Alpaca. It fits babies ages 6-18 months. Lots of people buy these as christening gifts.

Our Frilly knitted shrug which comes in 7 different colours and 2 sizes.

Every year Samantha designs a new range so she's always interested to find out which products people like the best or if there is something new they would like. Please let us know if you want one of our products in a different colour or just that tiny bit longer or shorter. You never know, next year we might have exactly what you're looking for!