How to Care for Alpaca Clothing

9th September 2009

Alpaca clothing is becoming ever more popular in today’s society because of the many benefits that come along with owning alpaca clothes. Alpaca is a material that is smooth as silk, and just as comfortable, but three times warmer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca clothing is ideal to wear at any time of year as well because despite being warm, the alpaca material is made up of hollow fibres that allow the alpaca to breathe, meaning you can wear it in the summer and winter alike. Alpaca is very strong so it wears very well and stands the tests of time.

Another reason why alpaca clothing is becoming so popular is because of how eco-friendly it is. Alpaca material comes from a sustainable source. The material is 100% natural, and the 22 natural colours of alpaca fleece mean that most alpaca garments which are shades of grey, brown, cream or beige, have no dye.

Despite the popularity of alpaca clothing, many people are still unsure as to how to care for their alpaca garments, and the attention to detail put into caring for alpaca is very important for ensuring it lasts for a very long time.

One thing that is often debated is whether alpaca clothing should be dry cleaned. We would suggest that it is your own choice to dry clean your alpaca garment as some garments will wash well on a cold 30° wash cycle.

To wash your alpaca clothing you should make sure to use water at a cool temperature, and a very mild detergent. Suitable for washing delicate fibres. The water that the alpaca material is washed in must be at a ph level of 7 or lower. Should alpaca clothing be washed in water of a ph level of 8 or higher the natural oils of the alpaca will be stripped from the garment.

When you decide to dry your alpaca clothing you must be sure that you do not wring or twist your garment as this will stretch it and make it misshapen. Instead when drying the alpaca gently press excess water out of the material, then lay the material on a flat surface carefully pressing out any grooves. This will ensure that after drying your alpaca material , it will be restored to its original shape.

Should you have a spill or accident on your alpaca clothing it is recommended that you wash it instantly like described to ensure that you do not get permanent staining. Should you have any questions regarding alpaca clothing or how to care for your garment, be sure to contact any alpaca retailer as they will know best how to care for the clothing in hand and will often be all to happy to help. Many alpaca dealers can be found through searching the internet.