Keeping Warm this Winter

9th September 2009

The colder Autumn and Winter months are nearly upon us, and with the coming of the cold comes the natural desire to keep warm, wrap up and enjoy the dark evenings in front of a hot fire and the television. However, we can't stay in the house for the next six months without venturing outside, so it is imperative we are all dressed appropriately for the weather!

One of the best materials to wear in the cold is alpaca. Alpaca wool is well known for its warming and hypoallergenic properties and with such a wide range of products available on the market today, it is no small wonder that people are buying more and more alpaca clothing as the seasons roll by. However, it is not only adults that can buy alpaca clothing; there is a huge demand for babywear products made from alpaca and an ever increasing product range available. As alpaca wool is such a warming material, many parents have decided to invest their money in good quality alpaca wool baby clothing and accessories to ensure their little ones are kept snug over the Winter.

One such popular product is alpaca baby booties. Designed with the smallest feet in mind, these come in different colours to suit a range of tastes. Some baby booties are made from 100% baby alpaca wool and Merino Fleece (a type of sheep's wool), with suede soles to ensure they are hardwearing. Suitable for babies 0-6 months, alpaca wool baby booties are ideal for ensuring those tiny tootsies are kept warm.

In addition to parents buying baby booties for their offspring, others may consider them as perfect presents for occasions such as christenings, birthdays and/or Christmas. With their fluffy exterior, they are guaranteed to be well received by both baby and parents alike. As most companies who sell alpaca wool products will offer a gift wrapping or gift box option, they can arrive pre-wrapped for the special day. As they are suitable for both boys and girls, these are definitely a good option to consider when looking at what to buy baby for that special event.

It must be noted however, that some alpaca baby booties may not be machine washable, and will need to be handled gently when cleaning. Some people recommend using talcum powder and rubbing it gently into the fur to ensure they are kept in good condition. If the fluffiness starts to fade, using a wire brush or clean pet brush softly over the material will liven it back up.

In addition to baby booties, other alpaca baby products available include wrist warmers, ankle warmers, blankets and hats. Sets of hats and socks can also be purchased from some retailers, in either plain designs or specific to occasions such as Christmas. All of these products are suitable for babies with sensitive skin and come in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes.

So, as the dark nights draw in and Christmas gets closer, it may be worthwhile taking a closer look at both your wardrobe and your baby's and having a look at purchasing some alpaca wool clothing to keep you warm over the Winter.