Long Lasting Quality Knitwear Items

9th August 2010

Alpaca knitwear is prized by many due to its incredibly soft and luxurious feel; however it is also very practical and hard wearing, making it ideal for clothing all year round! The natural fibres of the alpaca are very lightweight, however they are excellent at retaining heat; they are even thermal when wet. This warm yet lightweight property makes Alpaca knitwear excellent for year round use, and a large shawl is a very versatile item for both day and eveningwear. It can even be used as a scarf when you have to venture outside in the winter!

Alpaca knitwear is an excellent choice for those who find sheep’s wool scratchy and irritating to their skin, as it is smooth and silky and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It also has no lanolin content, which can prevent many people from wearing sheep’s wool garments due to an intolerance. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, and extremely good for those with allergies and for babies and young children.

Alpaca knitwear can be dyed in any shade, and many suppliers will be able to provide a large range of clothing in a variety of bright colours. For those who would prefer a more natural approach however, alpaca fibres come in over twenty two natural shades from black and white to a range of browns, creams and greys. This gives customers a wide variety of choice, and will still allow them to choose a garment which is 100% natural.

Alpaca knitwear is also often quite an animal friendly choice of clothing, as most alpacas will be kept in free range conditions and sheared annually, in the same manner as sheep. Alpacas can live for around twenty years, so it is in the best interests of farmers and owners to keep them healthy as long as possible, to get a greater profit out of each animal. This ensures that most alpacas have very good living conditions and are treated well throughout their lives. If this is a major concern of yours, check with individual suppliers to find out their policies.

Alpaca knitwear is very hardwearing due to the strong construction of the alpaca fibres used to create the wool. Alpaca clothing will be quite resistant to the snags and pulls which are so common in other forms of wool, and holes will appear in garments less frequently. Many people choose socks made from alpaca wool, as they do not develop holes in the heels and toes easily or quickly. The hard wearing quality of alpaca knitwear means that it will also be able to stand a good deal of washing and rough treatment; particularly important in baby clothing! Alpaca wool is so hardy yet luxurious those fashion designers Armani have even used it to create men’s and women’s suits!

Alpaca wool knitwear is an excellent investment and would make a perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas, or even just as a personal treat! It is very luxurious to wear, and will last a long time, particularly as it can be worn all year round. A large shawl in a neutral shade would be a very versatile garment, and can keep you warm for years to come!