Luxurious Alpaca Accessories for the Winter Months

7th October 2009

There is nothing like a warm and comfortable snood on a chilly morning. It softly covers your head and neck protecting from cold winds and is also adjustable, so you can take it down when the sun gets warm. As you walk outside, accessories that keep you comfortable and protected from the cold are an absolute necessity. It is an added bonus if the pieces are also soft and beautiful.

As the chilly weather gets near, it’s important to take stock of your cold weather gear and accessories. If you live in a climate that sees temperatures that get close to freezing you’ll want a nice collection of pieces that will cover vulnerable areas like your hands and head, which should always be protected with a hat or snood. Other areas that may need cover are your ankles and wrists. Warm winter accessories come in many different fabrics and one of the most popular is wool.

Wool has always been used in cold weather gear, but a wool fibre that is increasing in popularity is alpaca. Alpaca fibre is warmer even than merino wool. The reason is because alpaca fibre is hollow so it provides better insulation. It’s also a natural fibre, so is healthy for you and for the environment. An alpaca snood will keep your neck and head warm as you walk outside in the colder months. You can also find a wide variety of alpaca wear including long gloves, wrist and ankle warmers, and even baby hats.

Another plus for alpaca fibre products is their feel, which is soft and luxurious. Many compare it to the feel of soft cashmere. It is great for those who cannot handle other kinds of wools. They often have to wear fabrics that provide less warmth because scratchy, itchy wool pieces irritate their skin. Alpaca fibre also does not contain lanolin, which is an allergen and can bother sensitive skin. Instead, an accessory like a snood or a hat made out of alpaca fibre will keep the wearer toasty warm and comfortable. You will have cashmere softness with alpaca warmth.

Even though you have to go out and brace the cold, you can still look great. As winter accessories can be carried over from year to year, it’s a smart idea to buy pieces that are classic and timeless. Alpaca fibre products come in ivory and charcoal, and also in a variety of soft hues including taupe, heather and sage. A soft charcoal snood has a lovely vintage look and can compliment people of every age. Baby can look stylish too, in a matching hat and mittens and booties with a striking snowflake appliqué design.

Cold weather accessories are a necessity in many climes, and fortunately there are many beautiful and stylish pieces to choose from. Alpaca fibre is a great alternative to other kinds of wool. Whether you like long gloves to keep your hands and arms warm, or a classic snood to protect your head and neck, you can find whatever you need in soft and silky alpaca wool.