The Perfect Winter Garment

9th November 2009

The winter months are fast approaching, and despite some warmer days here and there it seems that we are now well into autumn. The leaves are turning the most beautiful russet shades (which although pretty is annoying when they fall into garden ponds, gutters and all over lawns and flower beds!) Any time now we can anticipate the first widespread frosts, heralding the start of another few months with the dark early mornings spent de-icing cars and gritting pathways and drives. At least we can prepare for the coming chill, stocking up on bedsocks, blankets and hot chocolate for evenings and some warm winter daywear.

When choosing a winter wardrobe, many people blindly follow the latest trends and forget that some of the nicest clothes are also the simplest – traditional designs are often warmest too! Finding a stylish woolly jumper can seem difficult, as they are often considered bulky and cumbersome garments. There is one way to choose a traditional yet tasteful item for wear in the winter, and this is to go for alpaca products. An alpaca sweater is both comfortable and attractive, the hollow nature of the fibres providing exceptional insulation in the cold and damp. Those of us who find sheep wool garments itchy and irritating can also breathe a sigh of relief – alpaca wool is lanolin free and the fibres are not very barbed, which means they feel sumptuously soft against even the most sensitive skin.

Alpaca sweaters are long lasting and made in a timeless style, meaning that they last quite some time. Even those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing alpaca’s distinctive texture and qualities beforehand are sure to be won over. Once a taste for alpaca fibre has developed, there are many other items woven from it which can be purchased, such as scarves, snoods and gloves. Nothing makes better winter accessories.

The nature of alpaca means it lends itself to clothing even the most vulnerable and delicate among us – tiny babies. Those of us who love alpaca garments will want to treat those nearest and dearest to us to the most special of gifts. A new child, grandchild, niece, nephew or other significant baby in our lives can enjoy the comfort of alpaca booties, cardigans, gloves and hats. So whilst we enjoy our very own alpaca sweaters, we can rest assured that our little ones are cosy and snug.

The much loved alpaca sweater does not usually need much specialist care in order to stay at its best, though it is advisable to hand wash in lukewarm water with either human shampoo or special wool products in order to keep them in top notch condition. Some of these garments do require dry cleaning instead, so always be sure to check an individual product before you buy. It goes without saying that the very best products require the best care, so many who own an alpaca sweater or other alpaca garments are often more than willing to provide the best care in order to gain the most enjoyment.