Whatever the Weather

23rd March 2010

Whatever the weather Here in Britain we are well known for discussing the weather an awful lot, and this is not surprising considering the changeable nature of our climate. Take the British summer time for example – one day it can be really hot with completely clear cornflower blue skies, the next the wind, rain and clouds can reappear with a vengeance. Perfect warm sunny days with a light breeze, when it is not too muggy, are probably considered ideal here in the UK, and as these are few and far between, the weather on other days gives us plenty of scope for complaining about it. If a perfect summer was ever to occur in the UK, half the idle conversation between its people would probably grind to a halt!

The summer time weather here may not be ideal for humans. Pre planning barbeques or outdoor parties in advance is often unwise, as there is no guarantee of a nice day for it. Planning a summer wardrobe can be a challenge, and it is best to be prepared for colder nights and rainy days, as well as for hotter occasions. We are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact humans have on the planet, as well as realising the benefits of using organic and natural products in food and other products.

For colder evenings and nights, why not treat your feet with some high quality striped alpaca bedsocks? Alpaca fibre is well known for its luxurious soft feel; unlike sheep wool it is not at all itchy or irritating to the skin. The alpaca’s native land is South America, where they were bred by the people who lived around the Andes mountain range for their wool. Two distinct types of alpacas were selectively bred – the suri, whose wool has longer, flatter and silkier fibres than those of the huacaya, whose fleece is denser and wavier. Both varieties of alpaca have been prized for their wool in their native environment for thousands of years, but the qualities of their fleece didn’t reach the UK until the 1800s.

Apparently alpaca yarn was spun in England for the first time around 1808 but the fibre was condemned as an unworkable material. It was not until the introduction of cotton warps into Bradford trade around 1836 that the true qualities of alpaca could be developed into fabric. It is not known where the cotton warp and mohair or alpaca weft plain-cloth came from, but it was this simple and ingenious structure which enabled Titus Salt, then a young Bradford manufacturer, to use alpaca successfully.

Due to the successful manufacture of various alpaca cloths by Sir Titus Salt alpaca is now a popular fibre in the UK. Therefore Striped alpaca bedsocks are an ideal choice for those who are new to alpaca products. The amazing texture and warmth provided by striped alpaca bedsocks make them ideal for cold nights at any time of the year. Once indulged with striped alpaca bedsocks, your feet will be loath to return to less comfortable and warm synthetic versions. Not only do alpaca products tick all the right boxes for comfort and thermal properties, they also look stylish. Numerous alpaca wool products are available, so if, like many others, you fall in love with the fabric there are loads more ways to enjoy it.