Ruffle Trim Shawls for Spring

1st March 2010

Is Winter ruffling your feathers? As warmer days draw near, my new Spring Shawl is ready to delight you. On it’s way just now from sunny Peru, this deliciously light, fine gauge shawl knitted by my loyal ladies in Lima from softest 100% Baby Alpaca with a ruffle trim all the way round is the perfect accessory for your Spring / Summer wardrobe - light enough to wear as a pashmina instead of a jacket when travelling or on holiday and warm enough to pop over your shoulders to keep off the chill on Summer evenings. An Alpaca shawl is an investment item which you will return to each year. The beauty of alpaca is that it transcends the seasons. You can wear an alpaca shawl in the Winter as the hollow fibre keeps is uniquely insulating and yet alpaca is light enough to wear in Summer where you don’t want the bulk of a jacket and something that can slip into your bag is ideal. An additional plus point about alpaca is that it has uniquely bouncy fibre which means that you can squeeze your alpaca shawl into a pocket and it will spring back. Try doing that with a pashmina and it will look like a crushed rag!

I recently visited Pure Womenswear at Olympia and was struck by how popular ruffles are just now. Frills and ruffles everywhere. My ruffle trim alpaca shawl is set to be a perfect answer to adding a fashionable touch to your outfit, while knowing that it is sufficiently classic to bring out season after season. Gone are the days of buying things for fashion sake alone. I think we all need to think longer term in our buying decisions and spend a little more on something that will last.