Shiny and New!

8th August 2013

There's cause for much excitement today in the Samantha Holmes office - we're delighted to announce that yesterday evening our brand-new, shiny, all-singing-and-dancing website went live!

Some browsers may not have updated yet and may still be showing our old website. pressing the 'control (Ctrl)' button and 'F5' button together can fix this but not in every case.

Old Website:

New Website:

The new website features many new bits and pieces such as links to all our social media pages and of course the blog which will be kept up-to-date from here on in!
The product pages now have a much larger selection of images which are able to be zoomed in on - this should make seeing the detail and type of knit incredibly simple.

The Trade side of the website (the side used for shops/businesses placing bulky orders) has been completely re-designed. This now looks very similar to the public side of the website. It's now easy to view collections/ ranges and all images (with zoom) are now available for them as well - well it's only fair!

Of course, like with all new websites, we are expecting there to be a couple of hiccups in the first few weeks after launch. We are currently still working on a number of known things but if you have any problems using this site we would really like to know about it.

Any thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Happy Shopping!